The Parent meeting for each class will be posted by the class date.  Classes will be held in-person.

The parent meeting for the December 27th-30th  course  will be held December 13th from 4-6 pm. A parent can come anytime between those hours to fill out paperwork and receive information about class. It will take about 15 minutes-you will not need to stay the whole 2 hours.


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All students must obtain a temporary instruction permit (TIP) from the DMV before the first day of class. 

Minor students (14 to 17 years old):

  • Original or state certified birth certificate and another primary document, or two secondary forms of identification
  • Social Security card
  • Original or court certified custody papers (if there are any)
  • Legal custodian/domiciliary parent/guardian with their driver's license or state ID card

Adult students (18 years and older)

  • Original or state certified birth certificate
  • Social Security card
  • Proof of residence (two proofs of residence if applying for real ID)
  • If an adult has a valid Louisiana State ID already issued and their social security number is in the OMV's system, then only the ID and proof of residency is needed.

Certified Instructors:

Our instructors are certified by the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles and continuously participate in professional development trainings.


Course instructors:

        Amy Stephens 

​        Sarah Ballard

​        Rachael McVicker

        Darcy Tatsch

        Val Griggs

​        Karen Burdette

        Ty Stephens


Our mission is to teach the rules of the road by providing a smaller classroom setting for personalized instruction.

We want to ensure that each student successfully completes the course in order to begin driving in a timely manner. Class room instruction consists of written materials, video, PowerPoint presentations, quizzes, hands on exercises and open discussion. From time to time we have a guest speaker!

Behind the wheel instruction consists of residential, rural, and highway driving. Of course we cover parking, merging, visual vehicle inspection, and filling up the gas tank!